I’ll stop talking about the Italian hypnotist-supervillain soon, I promise.

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So, from yesterday’s post, I did want to mention that I was going to note our Italian hypnotist-supervillain friend bore some slight resemblance to long-time DC nogoodnik Vandal Savage:

I didn’t bring it up, for whatever reason, but fortunately commenter Corey was first out the gate and noted it immediately.

Because, really, if there were going to be an Italian hypnotist-supervillian, wouldn’t he have to look like that?

Also, a few of you had some pretty good supervillain names for this guy, but I’m particularly struck by Dumma’s suggestion of “Mesmerollini.”

Okay, I know I’m going on about this perhaps a little too much, but c’mon…whadda story! If it turns out to be a hoax, I’m going to be terribly disappointed.

In other news:

  • Why is pal Dorian my pal? Because of stuff like this. And you should see the ones he didn’t post!
  • Special “Links Stolen from the Mighty Tom Spurgeon” Section:

    First, DC has announced that some tasty hardcovers are headed our way. Noted in the article are deluxe hardcover editions of Camelot 3000 and the original classic Captain Marvel story The Monster Society of Evil, which folks seem to be pretty excited about. I’m interested in the Absolute Edition of Ronin, Frank Miller’s sci-fi/horror mini-series from the mid-’80s. Not that it needs better reproduction or anything…the paper it was originally printed on could probably withstand a nuclear attack, but “Absolute Edition” means BIGGER PAGES, and it’ll probably look stunning. Plus, I’m sorta curious about any kind of bonus material that could be provided.

    Also noted in the article is that one of the criteria for putting something into an Absolute edition is whether it could be used to promote other material being published by DC. Interesting, and I suppose it makes sense considering the likely expense in producing these things.

    Second link “borrowed” from Mr. Spurgeon: crazy huge Carl Barks reprints, at about $100 a pop for about 900 pages of comics per volume…ten volumes in all. These look like real bullet-stoppers, and will likely cut off all circulation in your legs if you try to read ’em while sitting on the couch. Tempting (the comics, not the lack of circulation), but I already collected all the Gladstone/Gemstone “Carl Barks in Color” volumes, and I’m not ready to do that again, better paper/coloring or not. They do look pretty nice, though.

  • Jonah Hex and G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes…separated at birth?
  • Remember when I used to put some kind of “tag” or “watermark” or whatever on my images? I don’t do that anymore, mostly because I’m lazy, but it does help me notice when one of my old scans has gone walkabout, like in this Fark thread about a Salon review of The Ten Cent Plague. (It’s a Supergirl panel, just a few comments in.) It was an amusing surprise (and kudos on the fella for not trying to hotlink it…I don’t wanna pay for Fark traffic!).
  • I promise never to say “gone walkabout” ever again.
  • I better note it here, because I keep getting e-mails about it…if you want to watch the live-action Swamp Thing TV show online, well, your prayers are answered. And if you want to buy it (the first two seasons, anyway), well…hint hint:

  • I’m one of the seven intellectuals in America! At least, according to this Zippy the Pinhead strip where he and Claude debate the merits of Nancy and Sluggo. (Thanks for Cole for the tip!)

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