"Family fun for everyone!!!"

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I was going to use this image from The Brady Bunch #1 (Feb. 1969) as my sidebar icon for the week, but the text would have been too small. But I love the out-of-context-ness of it, so I’m sharing it with you anyway:

In case you couldn’t tell, I acquired a copy of The Brady Bunch #1 over the weekend. I now have half the full two-issue run! And, as some acquaintances of mine know but some of you may not, if there’s one thing I love nearly as much as comic books, it’s The Brady Bunch, so I’m absolutely ecstatic that I got my mitts on this fine publication:

Likenesses in the stories tend to be…shaky, but acceptable. You can usually tell who’s who, with the exception of Alice. It took me a minute to realize this was supposed to be Alice, and not some crazed rogue housekeeper who sneaked into the Brady household when Tiger wasn’t performing his guard dog duties properly:

Given that the comic was released very early in the television show’s history, I suspect that we’re lucky any of the likenesses come anywhere close.

I imagine I’ll be pulling pics from this comic over the next few months, so you probably haven’t seen the last of it here. And with any luck, I’ll track down the second issue as well.

By the way, when I showed the comic to pal Dorian over the weekend. his immediate response to the cover was “who’s the old lady playing Cindy?”

Yeah, that particular pic wasn’t the most flattering one they could have used, was it?

For those of you keeping track, I’ve decided to start reading my third manga series. I’m not a big manga guy, by any means — that’d be the aforementioned pal Dorian, who’s remains our manga consultant for the shop — but I don’t have anything against it, and I’m perfectly happy to stock it and sell it. Rarely does anything reach out and grab me as something I gotta read, however.

The first was Gyo, with its nightmarish images of fish with legs scuttling out of the ocean and creeping the crap out of everyone on land. Once the story starts trying to explain things it becomes a little less interesting, but still, scary images abound and remains a suspenseful read.

The second was Parasyte, which I’ve written about here, and I’m awaiting volume 3, which should be out in May. Oh, and volumes 1 and 2 are currently unavailable from Diamond.

Now, the third one I’ve just started is Death Note, which I know pal Dorian read and enjoyed, and it seems bleak and horrific enough to keep my interest. Don’t worry, I promise not to end up like this guy. While the premise is creepy enough (a student discovers a notebook which, if he writes a person’s name in it, that person will die), I’m enjoying the battle of wits between the story’s “hero” Light and the mysterious super-detective “L.” It’s twelve volumes (plus a 13th “appendix”), and they’re all relatively inexpensive, and they’re usually available from Diamond.

Hmmm…I think I’m beginning to see a pattern in the type of manga I like. No Ranma 1/2 in my future, it appears.

Next on the list will probably be The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, once I wrap up Death Note. Unless, of course, some of you folks have some suggestions. And I know you do!

Just saw this video news story (warning: autoplays) on the Yahoo! about a guy in Italy who hypnotized a clerk into giving over money from her register.

C’mon, look at the guy:

How is this guy not a supervillain? He’s got the super power, he’s got the look…all he needs is a snazzy name (something sufficiently Italian, because, you know, the whole Italy thing), and he’s all set.

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