Some Friday happenings.

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Friday at the store:

  • A fellow comes in shortly after we open, and hands me three comics…’90s Marvels, nothing special, even if they’d been in mint condition, which they weren’t. I politely decline, saying we have these particular comics in stock already. He asks what they’re worth, and I tell him that they aren’t really worth much of anything, as they’re very worn, and mint copies of these books are easy to come by. He thanks me, and leaves.

    A few hours later, a fellow from the thrift shop down the street comes in. Says he just acquired some comics and was wondering if they had any value. He shows me…

    …you’re way ahead of me…

    …the very same copies of those three comics I’d seen earlier in the day. Hoo boy.

  • Took a moment to go through the new Overstreet guide, and saw that they’re still presenting comics in the CGC plastic slabs on the “Cover Gallery” pages. Now, the fun of the gallery pages is being able to see nice examples of various comic book covers. Presenting them inside the slab means that the size of the cover is reduced so that the CGC box is freely advertised plainly visible. I don’t want to see the fancy plastic box your comic is in…I’d rather have a better look at the cover.
  • Reorganized the multiple manga shelves we have at the front of the store. Well, Employee Jeff did a lot of it…I was “supervising.” But we were thinning out some of the now-dead stock for eventual price reduction or eBay sale, and making room for some of the more popular titles, and now people will hopefully be able to find things on those shelves.
  • Conversation Employee Aaron had on the phone:

    Customer on phone: “Did any new female action figures come out in the last couple of weeks?”

    Aaron: “Yes, we have the Golden Age Wonder Woman….”

    Customer on phone: “Oh, really? …Is she hot?”

    Aaron: “Uh…it’s not a bad figure….”

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