In case you didn’t hear enough about Wizard World L.A., here’s more about Wizard World L.A.

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I think I’ve mentioned before that what I usually do here on this site is write something up at night, timestamp it at a minute past midnight, and post it before going to bed. Then, in the morning, I can check and see all the comments, hate mail, etc. that my post had gathered in the intervening hours.

The one downside of that particular habit is that sometimes I’m too tired to really write anything, but find myself writing anyway, and that’s when the typos creep in. Well, sure, a typo here and there ain’t no big deal…everybody makes ’em. But that Wizard World post of mine from yesterday…woo boy, clearly Mr. Sandman was trying to drag me off to Dreamland when I was putting that post together, because every time I look at the damned thing, another stupid typo leaps out, slaps me across the face, and calls me “stupid.” For example, I used “write” when I meant “right.” I used “tales” when I meant “tails.”

So, any of you folks out there who popped by to read my thrilling tails…er, tales of convention adventure, and, after seeing all my stupid misspellings and typos and such, wondered “what the hell is this guy’s problem,” I apologize. I’ll try knot two due that again.

Let me get these last bits of convention stuff out of my system, if you all don’t mind.

For example, here’s some video footage from a previous convention of that Drunk Boba Fett that I apparently missed. I don’t know if it’s the same Drunk Boba Fett, but honestly, can there be more than one in the world? Thanks to “FoldedSoup” for cluing me in.

CW asks if that Hulk #1 Wizard variant was just a new cover, or if there was any new material. No, it appears to be the first issue as originally published, just with a new cover image and an ad for yet another Wizard World convention on the back.

Dwayne asks if the “crooked drunken Mounties” from the upcoming Jonah Hex illustrated by Darwyn Cooke is “triply redundant.” Hey, he said it, not me. I’ll direct you to a post by my Canadian twin for further information on crooked drunken Mounties, my friend.

And, Matt, Matt, Matt…you looked fine in that pic. Any problems with that photo are my fault. “It’s not you, baby, it’s me.” Also, thanks for describing me as the second best-dressed comics retailer you know. There’s no shame in being second to that natty James Sime.

Jimbo noted that I’d better not be jerkin’ him around on the Congorilla in the new Justice League thing, or there’s gonna be trouble. Well, okay, he didn’t put it like that, exactly. But, yes, as far as I can tell, James Robinson means it. I did have some day-after second thoughts, as thinking back on it, the reveal went something like this. They first said it was going to be a 90-year-old man named Bill. Then they said it would be Congo Bill. Then they dropped the Congorilla bomb. My confusion arose because I wasn’t sure if they simply mentioned Congorilla in the context of “yes, this is the same guy who used to be Congorilla, not that he’ll be in Congorilla form in the series,” or in the context of “he’s totally going to be Congorilla in the series…Batwoman and Congorilla, fighting side-by-side.” The latter is what we all want, of course. (Looking at this interview…by golly, that’s what we’re getting! Huzzah!)

And, yes, Nathaniel — CONGORILLA!

Other stuff:

  • Pal Dorian posted more photos from the con, including one of the guy dressed as Superman. I don’t think he looked that bad…certainly not deserving of the dickitude of that one guy at the costume contest I mentioned yesterday. He certainly looks better than I would in spandex.

    The other photos include another shot of that great Wolverine outfit, and possibly the most menacing image of Electro and Hellcat from that con that you’ll see. Oh, and he’s got his Todd Nauck Wildcat sketch up.

  • Dan Didio, as he usually does with at the end of his DC panels, I gather, had his “lightning round” of yes/no questions from the audience. When he tried to wrap things up on “the best question you guys got,” some wag asked if Bob Wayne would be writing a Time Masters 2. Only if the trade sells, came Wayne’s reply…who then encouraged said sales by whipping a copy of the book out of his pack and made sure everyone in the audience got a good look at it.
  • Another amusing moment from that panel…when Robinson was talking about his forthcoming work, Didio (and, well, everyone else) was slightly baffled by the loud “banging” microphone noises. Until, eventually, it dawned on Didio that it was Robinson popping his “Ps” too close to his microphone, causing that obnoxious sound. Upon being notified of this, Robinson began speaking about his “purple Plastic Man figure.” Well, we all thought it was funny.
  • Someone asked at the panel what the difference is between this new proactive Justice League title and the Batman and the Outsiders title was, since apparently both have similar concepts. My initial reaction was “the Justice League one would actually be good,” but that’s because I’m a jerk. The answer given was that the Outsiders were more about persuing Batman’s agenda, whereas the League would be more wide-ranging. Or, you know, something like that.

And that’s pretty much that. I’ll be back to my normal “all Nancy and Sluggo” format tomorrow, with any luck.

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