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from Superman #227 (June/July 1970), reprinted from
Action Comics #296 (Jan 1963) – art by Al Plastino

And before you ask…”sign language?” Yeah, I don’t know what Lois was thinking, either.

In other news:

  • Diesel Sweeties will be offering ten webstrip-reprint ebook PDF files for free…I say FREE, m’boy…starting today! First one is up already: keep checking R. Steven’s “news” section for the necessary linkage!
  • Tim O’Neil makes a good point about the Watchmen comic containing its own defense against any film adaptations.
  • New comics weblog: I Was Ben. Nice, clean design, good back-to-basics comics blogging, has me listed in the “Old School” links section. I’m “Old School,” baby, and don’t you forget it! Also, I happen to know at least one of the people behind this site has a long blogging history, comics and otherwise, so I totally vouch for him. Go, visit, encourage this behavior, because I want to keep reading it.
  • Pal Dorian posts the truth about Sean Connery, somehow manages to implicate me. Also, Dor has posted a brief discussion he and I had the other day, in case you want to see what we get up to when you’re not looking. No, no, nothing dirty. C’mon.

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