A commercial service announcement.

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Well, since I brought up the other day that I’ve had a devil of a time trying to get any of my customers to buy this at the shop, and that both Dirk and Tom have pointed out this particular retailing failure of mine in their respective weblogs, and that I’ve heard from a couple folks that they can’t find any copies at their shops, I’ve decided to take drastic measures.

So here you go…I have Locke & Key #1 available for sale through our eBay store. Multiple copies available…I’ve only put a few copies up to start with, but I’ll reload if it becomes necessary.

Here’s what the cover looks like:

The publisher has a five-page preview.

And hey, the film rights were just picked up.

Plus, every copy you purchase through our store will be lovingly and carefully hand-packed by yours truly, and prepared to withstand the tender mercies of the postal office.

I apologize for the blatant sales pitch, but at least I don’t do this sort of thing too often. You’re all still my pals, right?


Er, hello?

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