In which I’m all judgy and stuff.

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Thanks to Dafna at the Bispectacult, I see that the Watchmen movie weblog has posted character stills, and…well, I’ll reserve judgement, since these are promo stills and not necessarily reflective of plot and/or characterizations, but, yeah, I have a hard time seeing the Silk Spectre from the comics posing like that. And there had better be a pudgy middle-aged man in that Night Owl armor.

Plus, I’ve noted this before, but regarding Rorschach…what looks menacing and creepy on the printed page looks kinda dopey in live action. In the few stills we’ve seen featuring Rorschach, the costume hasn’t done anything for me. Maybe once I see it in motion, I’ll change my opinion.

So I’ve done real well on that “reserving judgement” thing, haven’t I?

Comedian looks really good, as does Ozymandias. No stills of Dr. Manhattan yet, since his appearance is likely going to be all special effects, I’m guessing.

in other news:

  • The official Elfquest site (EDIT: link fixed) is on the verge of revamping its digital comics section, where every Elfquest-related comic is about to go online. apparently for free. Not an Elfquest fan myself, really, but this does sound like an impressive project. From the retail end, it doesn’t bother me too much, if only because EQ back issue and book sales have been fairly moribund lately anyway, and a project like this might possibly help rebuild an audience for this material. Maybe. Couldn’t hurt, anyway.


  • So, anyone out there managing to sell copies of IDW’s Locke & Key comic, written by Stephen King’s son? We’ve moved one copy. Funny, we sell a lot of comic books, here….

    Also, one day may be too soon to judge, but I didn’t have any kind of rush or significant demand for the premiere ish of the new Dark Tower series that came out this week.

    We did sell out of the Justice League: New Frontier special…here’s Kevin’s review, which sums up my feeling on this comic quite well.

  • Pal Cully sent me a link to a Rick Veitch Swamp Thing and Abby commission illustration. I have to warn you, it’s Not Safe for Work. No, really, don’t look at this anywhere where you might have to answer for your browsing habits. And if you’re looking at this site while on the job…get back to work, slacker. Anyway, here’s the link, if you dare.
  • From the comments section for yesterday’s post, in response to my less-than-serious “demand” for a trade of this material: an archive of the comic book D&D ads. I love the look on the dragon’s face near the end of the fourth strip.

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