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We’ll occasionally break down some of the trading card boxes we get in to put together sets for the shop, and put the special cards on the eBay. I love the sketch cards, where they wrangle some artists together to hand-draw original images to be randomly inserted into packs. I like these more than your standard chase card…that you’re actually receiving a piece of original art seems more exciting than yet another foil card or hologram or something.

A couple of neat ones we’ve turned up recently:

This one is from the “Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II” set. I don’t know if it comes through in the scan, but there is a lot of heavily-detailed crosshatching in this drawing. I don’t know how many drawings each artist had to do for this set, but it’s nice to see that this artist put a bit of effort into this piece.

Here’s another sketch card from that set, and HOLY CRAP:

I think my favorite sketch card in recent memory has to be this next one, from the “Star Wars 30th Anniversary” set. I almost kept it for myself, in fact:

Boy, I just pulled that scan off our eBay auction, and I thought my scan of the card was better than that. Better get a nice big scan of it for, you know, archival records of sold items before I ship it off.

In other news:

  • The nigh-inimitable Johnny Bacardi points me in the direction of this blog posting, featuring a proposed animation pitch called “The Mighties.” Among the DC heroes included is…why, yes, Swamp Thing, how’d you guess?

    Disturbingly cute, or cutely disturbing? YOU DECIDE.

  • Pal Dorian had let his site “The Cheater Pants of Mike Sterling” rest for a while, but he’s slowly revving it up again. And this time he’s gone too far, too far! I won’t stand for this libel! (I’ll sit instead!)

    I find the comments for another post there interesting, if not outright flattering. For example, Gordon of Blog THIS, Pal! states that he thought I was the CCH Pounder of comics blogging, and I only wish I was that cool.

    However, I nominate Dario for sainthood for rising to my defense:

    “Mike Sterling is like Leif Garrett, David Cassidy, and MODOK rolled into one! His pants are honest and virtuous! This blog is an abomination! Dorian shall be the first against the wall when the revolution comes!”

    So few people understand me like Dario does.

  • To Nathaniel, who kept asking “Congorilla?” in my comments section for yesterday’s post…


    from DC Comics Presents #27 (Nov. 1980) by Bob Rozakis, Romeo Tanghal & Frank Chiaramonte

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