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So inside one of the books from that huge collection of sci-fi and fantasy paperbacks we recently acquired was one of these:

That’s the front side of a trading card-sized checklist for Marvel Comics’ crossover event “Operation: Galactic Storm.” Here’s the checklist part:

The “I.D./membership card” aspect of the checklist is fun, and I kinda prefer that to the postcard-sized checklists Marvel’s doing now. Though I suppose the postcards look better when attached with magnets to your refrigerator door.

…What? Maybe I do, what’s it to you?

In other news:

  • Culumon over at Deviantart has posted one of his images presenting a couple candidates I could really get behind.
  • Reader David informs me that the Mountain Goats have a song on their new album entitled “How to Embrace A Swamp Creature,” which they somehow composed without consulting me. Anyway, the image presented at the link there is kinda/sorta Swamp Thingy, and that’s close enough for me.
  • Pal Ian has e-mailed me with some “word in the street” going around at Wondercon, running this weekend in San Francisco. It’s second-hand info from folks at the DC Comics panels that Ian didn’t make it to, but apparently Swamp Thing may be making an appearance in the main DC Universe, as opposed to his usual Vertigo stomping grounds. Ian also says this may be happening in an Ambush Bug comic, and if so, this will be about as “main DC Universe” as any other Ambush Bug comic, I guess.

    Here’s what they say in this con report:

    “Asked if Swamp Thing could be returned to the DCU, (Sales VP Bob) Wayne said that Dan (Didio, DC Executive Editor) has often asked Karen Berger if the character can come back to the DCU, ‘And believe us, we would never try to bring him back in a comedic book without their knowledge.

    ‘”So look for Swamp Thing in Tiny Titans #4,’ Wayne deadpanned.”

    Here’s a previous encounter between Swampy and, um, Ambushy.

    Related: Carla sent a Twitter post my way, indicating that there was no Swamp news to be had at the Vertigo panel. Thanks for checking, Carla!

  • So pal Cully sent me a scan of this in-house ad from Marvel Super-Heroes #20 (May 1969):

    …with the comment “Who’s this loser? …He had to have been so bad that Marvel went with reprints in the next issue instead.”

    It clearly wasn’t the Guardians of the Galaxy Starhawk, and he certainly wasn’t familiar to me.

    Well, I turned up this entry on the character, which provides a little more information about who he almost was, and how he never quite came to be (though part of his one and only completed story saw print in the last issue of the Marvelmania fan club ‘zine).

    Well, if you’re only gonna make one official appearance, at least in was the coolest issue of Marvel Super-Heroes.

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