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  • The Spirit #14 – As I was hoping, Mike Ploog’s art puts a little life back into this series…it’s a little rough around the edges, but that’s how I like my Spirit comics. Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier also do a good job on the scripting end of things — this issue is definitely from the “light” end of the Spirit story scale, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle a darker, more dramatic adventure.
  • Comics Journal #288 – First issue of the new trade paperback-esque format, with a swell Fletcher Hanks cover. I keep flipping through our copy of the Hanks book at the shop…I really need to buy the damned thing one of these days, as it’s demented genius.

    This issue of Comics Journal also includes a whole lot of “Best of 2007” lists, as well as several color Sunday Miss Fury strips by Tarpé Mills – fun reading.

  • SPOILER for Superman/Batman #46 – So, Silver Kryptonite is like, I don’t know, Space Marijuana?
  • Hulk #2 – Unlike the first issue, this ish has that Red Hulk everyone’s been waiting for. It’s big, loud, and stupid…and fun, thankfully. Ed McGuinness’ art looks great, and you don’t even mind that perhaps too much of the book is taken up by BIG BIG PANELS and two-page splashes. And even Jeph Loeb manages some acceptable scripting.
  • Youngblood #2 – Look, I gotta say it…it doesn’t look terrible. Yeah, I know, it’s Youngblood, But it appears to be competently done, which I realize is unlike 95% of most Youngblood comics. And it has Doc Rocket, whom I always thought was a pretty cool looking character. Anyway, it’s not groundbreaking by any means, but if you find yourself in dire need of yet another superhero book to read, this one doesn’t look like it’ll give you diseases or anything. High praise, indeed.
  • Geek Monthly Vol. 2 #2 – Okay, we’ve been carrying this magazine since it started. Just one copy, no big whoop, but we’ve had yet to sell one. Even putting Katee Sackoff on the cover couldn’t get it to sell.

    Until this week. And which cover model got it to sell, finally? Freakin’ Jorge Garcia – Hurley from Lost – that’s who. Which proves what everyone already knows — everybody loves Hurley.

  • Sam & Max: Surfin’ the Highway trade paperback – a new edition of a collection that originally came out some years ago, which also appears to have a smidgen of extra material the original doesn’t have, dammit.
  • Transformers Spotlight: Arcee – Look, you people stopped buying these Spotlight issues, so we dropped orders on them. Now, everyone wants them again, and we don’t have enough to go around. Make up your minds! Plus, Employee Aaron informs me this issue is about the Transformer robot with breasts, which makes me hate everything.
  • Umbrella Academy #6 – Features a full-page illo by our longtime customer Weshoyot. Cool! Why, we can now say “we knew her when….”

In other news:

  • Rick Veitch has a blog. I like Rick Veitch. I (mostly) like blogs. This will obviously work for me. (via)
  • J. Michael Straczynski no longer exclusive with Marvel – article accidentally refers to his Thor title as a “monthly.”
  • I look at Ain’t It Cool News so you don’t have to — here’s a still from Watchmen, featuring Rorschach in action. Still not sure about Rorschach’s look, but…well, what did I expect a guy in a full face mask, overcoat, and hat to look like?
  • Charles Burns’ graphic novel Black Hole is being adapted to film by Alien 3 director David Fincher, with a screenplay cowritten by Duran Duran biographer Neil Gaiman.
  • If I may join my blogging brethren in this matter — a Kitty Pryde & Wolverine Premiere Hardcover? What, were there too many trees in the world, so you had to kill more of them off, and degrade them further by making them into a hardcover collection of this series?

    Okay, perhaps I’m overstating it just a little, but…gah, this comic is crap. Well, Marvel, I’ll let you have a trade, I suppose, if you have to collect it under one cover, but not a hardcover, for God’s sake. I HAVE SPOKEN.

  • Just to confirm for everyone how suspect my tastes are…you know what X-Men mini-series I really liked? X-Men and the Micronauts. I thought that series was just dandy. It’ll never get collected and printed on nice paper, because Marvel will never want to pay whatever the rights holders are overcharging for the mostly-forgotten-except-by-comics-fans Micronauts license (see also Marvel’s Rom series). But it’d be nice.
  • I’m the dorkiest geek that’s ever nerded, because I want this Batman as Green Lantern action figure:

    Because if it’s one thing I need, it’s more comic book stuff around the house.

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