Halloween in February.

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So I was putting together an order of Robotech comics for a customer when I noticed a serious case of “jaggies” on the logo for the Halloween Special. Now, this was 1996, so font-smoothing wasn’t an esoteric technology or anything, so either this accidentally slipped by the editors or it was a deliberate design choice. If it was deliberate…well, it didn’t work. (Or the third possibility…”Hey, that’s good enough…send it to print, move on to the next book.”)

The only reason I really spent extra time looking at this comic, when normally I couldn’t care one way or the other about Robotech, was my very brief curiosity as to what would make a Robotech adventure particularly Halloweeny. Answer: haven’t the foggiest, though someone mentions ghost stories at one point. But during my brief scan of the book, I did notice the letters page, which featured three readers’ letters…two of which were from my hometown of Oxnard, CA. I know nobody else could possibly care about this, but I was amused by it, at any rate.

And hey, chances were that we sold ’em the Robotech comics they were commenting upon! Okay, they could have bought them somewhere else, but there weren’t a whole lot of shops at the time willing to give up shelf space to low-selling black and white indies, except for chumps like us who were still attempting the “full line comic shop” thing at a time when the industry was about one Deathmate away from disappearing forever. So, anyway, who knows. I don’t recognize the letter writers’ names, at any rate.

Okay, enough about me, let’s talk more about me:

  • J. Caleb mounts a defense for Mr. Snapper Carr, part-time Justice League sidekick and full-time swinging cat, and upon whom I heaped a tiny pile of scorn and ridicule. Caleb does a little extree-analysis of that third panel of mine, which really points out just how crazy that whole thing is.

    Also, apparently Snapper Carr has his army of defenders, who turned out in force in my comments section. And when the artillery began heading in the direction of Wonder Woman’s pal Etta Candy, the Etta Defense League turned up there, too.

    So, in the future, I’ll stick to mocking sidekicks no one can possibly care about. Like Spoiler.

  • In one of my posts about Steve Gerber, I pointed folks to a Halloween-themed article I wrote on The Horror Blog about scary Superman scenes. Just on a whim, I thought I’d check back and see if that link resulted in any more comments being posted in response to that article. And behold:

    “this is so oooooosososo

    My article is apparently a non-threatening homosexual. I HAVE DISAPPOINTED MR. ANONYMOUS COMMENTER! Will I ever get over the shame — oh, wait, I just did. Never mind.

    There’s also a comment there about “picking up women.” I have to avoid picking up anything, really, thanks to this trick back.

  • The aheader I get, the behinder I am: I spent some time at the shop on Saturday making some space in the back issue bins around the Justice League/Justice Society titles…pulling out doubles and triples of back issued comics that don’t really need doubles and triples out there, that sort of thing. I ended up with some pretty good slack in those boxes, and then I started the restock check of what JLA/JSA issues we currently needed to have pulled out of our back room storage.

    I ended up with a pile of JLA/JSA comics from the back room twice as big as the space I managed to make. Oy.

    However, going through those comics did remind me of that eternal question: which JLA crossover comic is my favorite?


    …or JLA Versus Predator:

    How can one man decide?

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