So it’s not an exact match.

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“…The odd, deep creases in the sides of his neck made him seem older when one did not study his dull, expressionless face.”

“He had a narrow head, bulging, watery-blue eyes that seemed never to wink, a flat nose, a receding forehead and chin, and singularly undeveloped ears.”

“…In places the surface seemed queerly irregular, as if peeling from some cutaneous disease.”

“A certain greasiness about the fellow increased my dislike. He was evidently given to working or lounging around the fish docks, and carried with him much of their characteristic smell. Just what foreign blood was in him I could not even guess.”

“…I could see why the people found him alien. I myself would have thought of biological degeneration rather than alienage.”

(Text from The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft. Aqualad images from Teen Titans: Year One #2 by Amy Wolfram, Karl Kerschl, Serge Lapointe, and Steph Peru. Post suggested by Employee Aaron…blame him.)

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