"Teacher from the Stars!" (from Batman #137, Feb. 1961)

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After encountering a group of alien creatures wandering around Gotham City and causing disturbances, Batman and Robin try to get to the bottom of things:

Blish is apparently under the assumption that Batman is to give his class a tour of the city. Batman’s not sure why, but he plays along just to keep an eye on these beings, in case there’s more trouble.

And that was a good idea, it seems, as the students continue to make mischief. Assorted pranks follow, including this rather spectacular example:

The extraterrestrial student’s “Virgil Partch Ray” terrifies the populace:

…And finally gets on Blish’s last nerve:

After gathering the kids, a little Bat-spanking justice is applied:

Having learned their lesson, the three students decide to help out when they witness a bank robbery in progress:

However, they bypass the bandits and lay an alien whammy on the boys in blue:

Batman’s had enough, and he’s on the verge of kicking all their asses off the planet when Blish comes to a sudden realization:

Things apparently work a little differently there on that other planet, which not only explains why the kids protected the bank robbers, but why they assumed Batman was their tour guide:

Sounds a little convenient, but that’s okay, I guess.

The class finally departs, leaving behind a token of their appreciation for their caped and crusading friends:

Now that’s a trophy that needs to be put back on display in the modern-day Batcave. Forget about showcases containing costumes of minor supporting characters….we need to petition DC editorial for more photos of Batman’s alien pals decorating the place. There’s an effort I can get behind.

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