All aboard the S.S. Batman! (from Batman #133, Aug. 1960)

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It’s the most unique sailing ship on the seven seas…the S.S. Batman!

Only one man can pilot this ship, and that man is Captain Batman:

The people rejoice at the coming of the S.S. Batman:

Please note Robin’s presence in the “Bat’s Nest,” oddly never referred to as such in the narrative, though the gag seems plainly obvious.

A replica of the Batcave is squeezed below deck, somewhere:

The guy shouting “gosh, it’s just like the real Batcave” — either he’s the annoying know-it-all in this crowd, or he’s dealing with a Batman who’s a heck of a lot less secretive than his modern “Mr. Urban Legend” counterpart. I’m picturing photo spreads in Look, after taking the photographer there blindfolded, so he wouldn’t know the cave’s location.

Much of Batman and Robin’s crime-stopping equipment is on display as well, such as their crime lab:

Now, are those prop file cabinets, or are they actually filled with copies of their crime files? I’m guessing the latter…DC superheroes, particularly about this time, were pretty obsessive about that level of detail.

Look out, S.S. Batman! There’s an unwelcome guest aboard!

Turns out that “Batman” is actually part of the S.S. Batman’s high tech security system:

So long, S.S. Batman! We may never see the likes of you again!

From the letters page of this issue, a type of missive that the Bat-editors probably don’t see a whole lot of nowadays:

Oh, I’d give almost anything for a return to the “Batman’s Time Travel Crimes on Venus” era of Bat-comics.

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