"You sure that’s not Wonder Woman?" "No, no…I’m pretty sure that’s Batman."

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Here’s something I should have mentioned in yesterday’s “End of Civilization” post:

“I Think It’s Batman” strikes me as bit of an odd name for this shirt, if the one they’re offering is in fact the image shown there. Well, it’s a guy dressed as Batman, behind a giant logo that reads “Batman” — I’m reasonably certain that is, indeed, Batman. Unless it’s some guy other than Bruce Wayne just dressed up as Batman, which would be a weird thing to put on a shirt.

Also, the other day we received our copy of Dave Sim’s newest comic Glamourpuss:

Complete with personalized message and autograph…here’s the message:

I’ve given this a read-through and…well, it’s certainly not like any comic I’ve read before. It’s part Dave discussing art of past comic masters like Alex Raymond, part exploring how and why he’s following his Cerebus epic with a comic about fashion, and part brief introduction to the fictional narrative, following the internal reflections of fashion model N’atashae, along with a couple parodies of fashion-mag type columns/articles. It certainly keeps your attention, even as you’re trying to grasp just where Dave plans on going with this.

For another review, here’s one I found through Mr. Spurgeon where the fellow worked off his memories of reading a preview copy at his shop, since the store wouldn’t let him take it home. I have the comic right here in front of me as I’m typing this, and I don’t think I’m able to do better than this person’s review. Unlike that reviewer, however, I am sufficiently intrigued to see what’s gonna happen in #2. Even if it’s more of this unusual mix of personal observation/reflection, art history, and an ongoing fashion narrative, rather than traditional funnybooking, it’s unique and interesting enough to bring me back.

In other news:

  • DC Comics is offering a download of a full issue of Saga of the Swamp Thing on this page for the Swamp Thing Vol. 1: Saga of the Swamp Thing trade paperback. It’s issue #21, the second issue of Alan Moore’s classic run (and not issue #1, as it says on that page). It’d be nice if, maybe, they could offer a download for Moore’s first issue, #20. Heck, how ’bout a downloadable PDF “book” for the first 20 issues, since it doesn’t seem likely they’ll ever get reprinted in trade form anyway.
  • Captain America #34, with the debut of the “new” Captain, hasn’t had the real world news-driven sales as yet, at least among the folks who don’t think about comics until they see them mentioned on the magic moving-picture box. Our regular customers are picking it up, but haven’t been seeing any new ones for it. Maybe we haven’t had enough coverage of the return in our local media yet, or maybe the story hasn’t got around enough yet (it just popped up on Yahoo, for example), or maybe “new guy in costume” doesn’t attract as many folks as “YAY DEATH.” We still have weekend sales coming up, so I’m not ready to call this an Adventures of Superman #500 situation just yet (where retailers way overordered on a book, expecting a mass media-pushed sales blitz that never arrived).

    It could be just a local thing, too. Is it selling in your area? To regular folk, or to weirdoes like us what already read the funnybooks?

  • Y The Last Man #60: down to our last copy of the last issue of this series. Sold better than previous issues, which means 1) some people are picking it up solely because it’s the last issue, or 2) we just happened to have a bunch of people visiting from out of town stopping by here to grab their new funnybooks.

    Mostly I just mention this so anyone who read my comment about Y here will realize I was joking.

For no good reason, other than I’ve been looking for an online copy of this for quite a while, and, at last, here it is…the Conan O’Brien “Lincoln Money Shot” bit.

Not Safe for Work, likely, and Not Respectful to Lincoln in the slightest, but boy, it makes me laugh:

I’m terribly, terribly sorry…by which I mean, “not sorry at all.”

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