"Why suffer the mortification of foul smelling bedrooms…?"

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excerpts from comic book ad, 1953

1. I once heard that you can tell what a publisher thinks of the readers of certain magazines by the kind of ads they run there. Just sayin’.

2. When I showed this ad to pal Dorian, he immediately noted the quotation marks in the ad’s header and asked “I wonder what ‘bed wetting’ is a euphemism for?”

3. Most of the folks in the “case studies” section seem relatively pleased to be there…which is only natural, since DRY-TABS apparently solved their problems. But Case #2 appears to be showing the proper amount of shame, and Grandma in Case #6 just makes me feel sadness and pity. “Please don’t leave me out in the woods…I promise I’ll stop!”

4. You know, if you’re a kid, and you’re suffering from a little late night liquid leakage, well, URINE LUCK! Ha ha! No, seriously, if you’ve got troubles with wee hours weeing, seeing the phrase “if your loved ones suffer the humiliation, the disgrace, insecurity and helplessness” doesn’t help — there’s “pointing out a problem,” and then there’s piling on. I’m sure the kid (or Grandma) feels bad enough without having to bring “YOU’RE SHAMING YOUR FAMILY AND FILLING THEM WITH DISGUST — why aren’t you dead?” into it.

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