Let’s see if this post gets me on the work ‘n’ school internet filters.

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The big news for this week’s batch of new funnybooks is the surprising return of Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories (#686) and Uncle Scrooge (#371) to the stands, after months of being AWOL. An official statement on the updated schedules for Gemstone’s Disney releases may be found here, though no reason for the delay is given. I can’t seem to find one in that newsletter archive, and the only thing I’ve seen is a mention of some printer issues on a message board somewhere. But, whatever the reason, I’m glad they’re coming out again, so people will stop blaming me for the delay.

Other new arrivals:

  • It’s the comic everyone is talking about…MILFs on Mars. Yes, I said MILFs on Mars. And yes, we ordered it for the store. From the makers of Housewives at Play.

    I’m a porn merchant. YAY!

  • Marvel Zombies 2 #4 – I noted before that the bloom is seemingly off the rose for the Marvel Zombies franchise, as it’s not selling with quite the frenzy the first series did. It’s still a very solid mid-range seller, so I can’t complain too much.
  • Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #5 – it’s not quite the photostat/Photoshop-fest of the previous issues…or, rather, the artist manages to hide it marginally better this time. But when you do see it…man, that’s distracting.
  • Speak of the Devil #4 – I was warned that things were going to get remarkably violent after the relatively benign early installments…and boy howdy, here you go.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #38 – Jim Shooter’s second issue in his return to the title, and it still remains fun and action-packed. His attempts at creating “future slang” in this issue grate a little, but I can live with them.
  • Army@Love #11 – It’s nothing short of a miracle that this comic is still coming out, since it’s witty and strange and satirical and adult and it’s not easily pigeonholed. We’re guaranteed at least 18 issues, I understand, but in a good and fair world, it would get a good Sandman or Preacher-length run.
  • Countdown to Mystery #5 – My favorite of the Countdown spin-offs, and contains a far better Spectre story than that Tales of the Unexpected mini. And the Dr. Fate story is absolutely prime Gerber…funny, cynical, and creepy, in just the right mix.
  • Jack Staff Special #1 – There is apparently some doubt out there that this was actually released. I assure you, I held this comic in my own hands. It exists. It’s real. Trust me.
  • Gold Digger #92 – I’ve never had the foggiest idea about what’s going on in this comic, but it’s certainly been coming out for a long time, and its fans are quite loyal, and bless ’em all for it.
  • Hellblazer #240 – A new revelation about Constantine and his place in the world pops up in this issue, along the lines of Alan Moore’s revelation about Swamp Thing way back when. (No, John isn’t really just a plant.) Interesting, and I’ll enjoy seeing what writer Andy Diggle does with it.
  • Little Lulu Vol. 18 – The Expert TP – Haven’t even cracked the cover yet, and I already know this is going to be the best thing I’m going to read this week.

In other news, of the MST3K variety:

The Mystery Science Theatre 3000 DVD license has moved to Shout! Factory. They do promise more releases of previously unreleased episodes, but, you know, what else were they going to do? (C’mon c’mon c’mon Escape 2000!)

Also, Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie, previously only released in a barebones bargain-DVD from Image Entertainment (lacking even an “interactive menu”), is finally being reissued in a new barebones DVD release. Well, it apparently is going to include the trailer, and a new anamorphic widescreen transfer, and maybe even that interactive menu…but it’s a shame that the deleted “host segment” scenes won’t be included, as long as they’re going through the trouble of putting the film back out.

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