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I’m not a gamer by any means, and though I’ve collected a few Heroclix figures of characters I’ve liked over the years, I’ve not been keeping up with them.

So when Employee Aaron showed me this Mirror Master piece:

…my first reaction was “is Wizkids cheaping out on their figures? Are they using cardboard standees on the dials now, instead of the plastic sculpts?” And then about 0.5 seconds later, I felt incredibly stupid because I realized “OH! He’s in a mirror!”

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, sometimes.

A few store sales notes:

  • Star Wars trade paperbacks are selling well – the books featuring the villains tend to move the quickest. The demand for anything featuring Darth Maul still remains high. Even the Episode I adaptation is selling well. All the prequel movie adaptations are selling well, for that matter.
  • Back issue demand for the “Sinestro Corps” Green Lantern event is still strong, and interest in GL continues to push good sales on new issues. The most recent post-Sinestro War issue of Green Lantern Corps has even gone to a second printing due to demand and, likely, reorder activity at Diamond, even though no more copies were to be had.

    People seem to like these smaller crossover series that restrict themselves to a single “family” of books, like Sinestro War and, on Marvel’s side, the “Messiah Complex” series in the X-books. With the company-wide sprawling events, like “Civil War,” folks bought all the books, but usually grudgingly. “Well, I better buy ’em so I know what’s going on,” that sort of thing. The smaller events seem to encourage a little more excitement and enthusiasm among my customers, without the slight amount of resentment at feeling “forced” to buy multiple tie-ins.

  • On the other hand, I’m getting plenty of requests for Countdown: Arena…I’ve had to reorder issues several times.
  • Oddly, the Roman Dirge hardcover It Ate Billy for Christmas is selling better now than it did at Christmastime. Go figure.
  • Every time a new Spawn comic shows up on the stands, I usually have a customer or three express surprise that it’s still coming out, that McFarlane is even still bothering with the comics end of his toy empire. I wonder how much the funnybooks contribute to the overall financial intake of his business…about 0.000001%?
  • IDW’s Angel: After the Fall series is moving well, with even the variants selling strongly.

    Speaking of Angel variants, here’s one from a previous Angel series that we had floating around the store:

    AHHH! Too close, too close! (Though I understand that your mileage may vary.) This cover would fit right in with the vinyl sleeve heads (link via Poor Mojo).

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