Mike’s New Comics Day Lunchtime Update 3009.

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1. It occurred to me that more people are going to see that Wonder Woman Playboy cover in one month than will see actual Wonder Woman comics in an entire year. No point to make, really, just an observation.

2. Employee Jeff and I came up with our own take on the current Booster Gold series, where Booster is traveling through time in the DC Universe trying to fix things. Well, let’s say someone way too upset over recent DCU events (like, say, someone from scans_daily) gets hold of a time machine and tries to undo all the “horrible, terrible, contradicts my fan-fic” events…and of course ends up making things much worse. So Booster has to go back and redo all the things that were undone…kill Sue Dibny, steal and destroy Spoiler’s display from the Batcave, beat Jason Todd to death with a crowbar…okay, that last one isn’t that recent, and it’s been kinda undone, but I like the image of Booster doing this.

Employee Jeff and I are bad people.

3. Overhead in the store – someone describing Umbrella Academy to a friend on the phone: “Yeah, it’s this comic written by a guy in this stupid band….”

(NOTE TO THE OVERSENSITVE: I was just amused by the comment, and I have no particular opinion on either the comic or the band in question. Save the indignation.)

4. I suspect we would have received a second printing on Amazing Spider-Man #546 regardless of how it sold. “‘See, getting rid of the marriage in the stupidest way possible was a great idea!’ exclaims Joe Q.”

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