No, not that Chunk.

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Speaking of those early Wally West Flash comics, one supporting character I miss is the Chunk:

He was a scientist who was involved in an accident with a matter transporter machine he’d invented…he could now teleport, but he also had to consume high-density material to feed the singularity that now existed within him, or be consumed himself. Or something like that…you can read more about it here. Anyway, though Chunk was initially one of the Flash’s adversaries, he eventually reformed and became a regular cast member and a pal of Wally’s.

In his initial appearance, Chunk was…well, he was just plain creepy, spitting swallowed diamonds at the Flash as projectile weapons, his bizarre run-on sentence dialogue, his oddly proportioned body (he was obese, but his body was anatomically…peculiar — whether that was a deliberate artistic choice or not, it still added to his otherworldliness). Later on, as a cast member he mellowed out a bit, often on the kind and generous, if a little naive, side, though I still recall a sequence where he chewed Wally out for only showing up when he needed Chunk’s help, and never just being his pal.

Last I recall he was engaged to be married to one of Wally’s ex-girlfriends, so I suppose he eventually lived Happily Ever After, even though that Wikipedia entry I linked above notes a couple of additional appearances I hadn’t read. They better not have killed Chunk off, man.

So, anyway…Chunk. Where’s his series?

Commenter Joe brought up the fact that the early Flash letter columns were scandalized by Wally’s womanizing, which reminded me of this panel from the first Baxter-paper issue of The New Teen Titans from 1984:

Oh, I do seem to remember the fans crapping a brick when they saw that. Dick Grayson, former Robin/now Nightwing, engaging in blatant unclothed snugglebunnies with teammate Starfire? Will the Union stand?

A quick sales update: even though it was way late, even though it was mostly unreadable crap…Onslaught: Reborn #5 still sold well. It blew off our shelves, and I’m only a copy or two away from being completely out.

You know, I don’t ever hear about too many people declaring that they’re Rob Liefeld fans…usually the opposite, in fact. But someone’s buying these comics.

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