My New Year’s Resolutions.

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1. Do some kind of redesign of this site. Perhaps even (gasp) leave Blogger for some other weblogging software. At least clean up my FTP directory. Good Lord, it’s a mess, no thanks to that update to “new” Blogger.

2. Maybe someday get around to doing some kind of round-up for 2007. Like, I don’t know, in May or something.

3. Finally, finally get some kind of regular podcast/audioblog thing going. Doing this podcast with Kid Chris and Dafna was a blast, and I’d like to do more. I mean, wouldn’t you like to hear me and my pal Dorian dish the dirt?

4. Try not to get bothered by “back-seat retailers” who tell me I’m dumb for not jumping when Marvel says “jump.” Yeah, because that will never be abused.

5. Fire Employee Aar…er, I, um, I mean, investigate the possibility of expanding and/or rotating the employee pool at the shop.

6. Do another “character link-dump” at some point. I haven’t done one of those in, like, forever.

7. Hopefully get around to reviewing some of those review comics/graphic novels I’ve been sent recently. I’m so terrible at writing reviews…that almost feels like “work.”

8. Give pal Dorian a big ol’ man-hug and see how uncomfortable I can make him.

8a. Make sure his boyfriend Pete isn’t around when I do it, or things could go horribly awry.

9. Get more scripts into the hands of Church and Birdie over at The Rack. Whether they want them or not.

10. Continue to sing the praises of All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder. I kinda fell behind on that last year.

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