Turok: Son of Stone trailer.

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(thanks to my Canadian twin for pointing it out)

This just kinda snuck up on me…I wasn’t aware this was even happening, but apparently it’s a real project. Huh.

Some YouTube commenters only appear familiar with the video game/Valiant-era versions of the character:

“Many people assume Turok started out as a videogame, but in actuality it was comic book series that was very bloody and gory.”

“Everything looks great, except Turok’s voice sounds nothing like what it sounded like in the game.”

I like this comment the best:

I can’t wait!!!!
I don’t mind iff there’s no Futuristic weapons or that, but The only thing I’d comment on is that when the guy says ‘I am Turok’ It doesn’t sound the best.
Other than that, It looks ausome!!!”

Well said!

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