Mike’s New Comics Day Lunchtime Update 3008.

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1. Employee Aaron (looking at the huge stack of Justice League of America while breaking down the order this morning): “Wow, look at that huge stack of Justice!”

Me: “‘Beware my stack of justice, for I am…Chimneyman!'”

Employee Aaron: “Wow, would Chimneyman’s arch-nemesis be the Chimney Sweep?”

Me: “No, I think the Chimney Sweep would be, like, his partner or assistant. You know, like Alfred is for Batman. His arch-nemesis would be ‘Gas Heating Man’ or something like that.”

Employee Jeff: “Mike, don’t you think you’re maybe too old to be making up stuff like that?”

Me: “I’m too old for a lot of the things I do.”

2. Speaking of that huge stack of Justice League of America, somehow another store’s order got mixed in with our shipment, doubling our JLA order, giving us extra Star Trek: Year Four variants, etc. So I got to box ’em all up and give ’em back to UPS, while also dealing with New Comics Day stuff. Sigh.

3. Out of context quote of the day, courtesy Employee Aaron: “I’m counting World War Hulk right now…I don’t want to think about polygamy!”

4. Ladies, gentlemen, Ian, I now present to you…Employee Jeff as Mario:

Employee Jeff would like you to know that this year-old student film project was a last-second rush job, and please not judge him (or his student film pals) too harshly. EDIT: There’s an unrelated George W. parody at the end of this YouTube clip.

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