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I found Cute Galactus (actually, the “Superhero Squad Galactus,” which also includes Cute Human Torch) while I was out allegedly shopping for gifts for other people, but instead apparently finding things I wanted. I resisted nearly everything, but Cute Galactus? HAD TO OWN IT.

Here’s a shot of Cute Galactus in all his glory, taken from the back of the package:

I tried to take a picture of the front of the box, but I’m photographically inept, and plus I have no decent lighting. But here’s a scan I managed to get of Cartoon Cute Galactus from the front of the box, as he contemplates the vast cardboard void behind him:

And yes, his name is being zapped out of his crotch. Such is the power of…Cute Galactus.

If you want a better look at the packaging, feel free to dig this Amazon listing and click on the thumbnails. Yes, if you buy one there, I get a piece of the action. I’m shameless.

And always remember:


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