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One thing I wonder about whenever I see these amusement park coupons in old DC Comics:

Did anyone ever use them? I mean, with the Marvel Value Stamps, we always have to check each issue that contains them to make sure they haven’t been clipped. I don’t think I’ve ever once had to check through a collection of comics and make sure the Palisades Park coupons were still intact. I’ve never seen them missing.

Obviously unlike the Marvel stamps, these coupons have very limited regional interest. Unless you happen to be within visiting distance of Palisades Park, what good are these coupons for you? Well, maybe there were kids in other non-New Jersey lands who clipped the coupons and used them in pretend-play, making believe they were going to the park. I know that should be a indicator of creativity on the part of children, but I’m picturing a lonely little boy or girl in, say, Arizona, sitting in his/her bedroom, unevenly clipped Palisades Park coupons stuck to fingers with tears, while Dad downs his fourth beer while watching Ed Sullivan on the black and white in the darkened living room.

Wow, where’d that come from?

Anyway, I wonder…do comic shops in the New Jersey area, or thereabouts (it has been a decade or four, after all…plenty of time for the comics to have disseminated outward), have to keep a close eye on the old DC books in case these coupons have been removed? Has anyone ever seen these missing?

These are the things I think about…at least, when I’m not inventing the most depressing scenarios ever.

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