"You’ll Be Delighted!"

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From Justice League of America #93 (Oct/Nov 1971) is this full page house-ad ballyhooing the Shazam! awards DC won:

Giordano’s sporting sideburns of heroic proportions, I must say. I also like that they had a comic awards category for “dramatic division,” meaning, of course, dramatic superheroes. Are there any other kind?

And, presented here for no good reason, from the very same book is this ad, complete with a misused “it’s,” for Venus Flytraps:

Hell, a buck? That seems like a bargain, now. A quick, sloppy, non-comprehensive search on the Google turns up individual plants currently for sale at about six or seven bucks each, and a full “Venus Flytrap Kit” for $19.95 (includes terrarium).

This Venus Flytrap is, of course, priceless.

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