"Everyone’s talking about it — make sure you are too!!"

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house ad from DC Comics cover-dated May 1982

house ad from DC Comics cover-dated June 1984

Just a few thoughts:

  • There was only about a five year or so gap between the end of the original Swamp Thing series and the early ’80s relaunch. It always seemed a lot longer to me. (Then again, there was only a seven year gap between the last Golden Age Flash comic and the Silver Age relaunch…that’s another hiatus that seemed like it should have been longer.)
  • The first issue of Saga was never much of a “collector’s item” — near mint copies only sold for three or four bucks, not enough to retire on…sorry. Though, to be honest, I haven’t checked its price lately, and I don’t have my Overstreet handy at the moment. It is a 25 year old comic now, and it’s possible high grade copies may be slightly harder to find, bumping up prices slightly.
  • I like that they pushed that fact that Swampy’s creator Len Wein was going to edit the book, to, I guess, allay the fears of ST fans about the character’s handling.
  • Pasko and Yeates’ initial thirteen issue storyline was pretty good, tending towards the wordy side but still readable and appropriately creepy, and Yeates’ art was lush and highly detailed. The issues following (the two parter illustrated by Bo and Scott Hampton, the debut of the Steve Bissette/John Totleben team) ain’t too bad, either…and it’s a shame these stories aren’t likely to reprinted anytime soon. A black and white Showcase book would be ideal, and could include the long-lost Alan Moore debut on the series…and while we’re at it, a reprint of issues 11-24 of the original series would be nice. And a pony. I’d like a pony.
  • If it weren’t for the Swamp Thing movie goosing DC into getting a new ST title on the stands, there wouldn’t be a Vertigo imprint today. Topless Adrienne Barbeau gave us Preacher and Fables. Thank you, Adrienne Barbeau!

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