Swamp missives, and a random pontooning.

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Not everyone loved Wein and Wrightson’s (and editor Joe Orlando’s) original Swamp Thing run unconditionally, as seen in this letter from issue #5 (July/Aug ’73):

The pontoon in question from the end of issue #3, in case you were wondering:

Somehow I have a hard time seeing that particular method of stowing-away on an airplane as being particularly stealthy.

And here’s a brief excerpt from issue #10’s letter page, in response to #7 (the Batman issue):

So don’t mention the Conclave, the organization responsible for the bombing of Alec Holland’s lab, leading to his transformation, or the bio-restorative formula, which turned Alec into the Swamp Thing and is the reason why Swampy is constantly on the move (keeping any remnants of the formula still in his system from falling into the wrong hands). Got it!

Of course, nowadays all that stuff is pretty much forgotten about (the Conclave never made it out of ’70s comics, the formula only mentioned in passing in retellings of Swampy’s origin, its importance retconned and revamped away), so hopefully whoever wrote that letter is happy now.

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