"…I didn’t kill her! I’m the Batman!"

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A little Batman versus Swampy action from Brave and the Bold #176 (July 1981) by Martin Pasko & Jim Aparo:


1. “Felicia” is Catwoman’s sister, in her (only?) appearance. (Has she popped up at all in recent years?) It’s a little strange that they introduce a sibling for a long-established major villain of one of DC’s headliners, and not in one of the main titles but in a team-up book, and then kill her off.

2. For some reason, the thought of Batman shouting his darn fool head off and beating the tar out of somebody with a club amuses me. It’s like the proto-All Star Batman.

3. I do like how over the course of the story Batman picks up minor clues as to the true nature of Swamp Thing. For example, when they’re about to bury Felicia:

Why he couldn’t be just a swamp creature that once saw a funeral, maybe, I have no idea.

‘Course, suspicions aside, Batman still just sorta waves “good-bye” to Swampy at the end of the tale and doesn’t, you know, offer to help him or investigate the Swamp Thing further or anything:

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