This is my Saturday post.

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I got a late start on my “End of Civilization” post from yesterday, so I was pretty tired while I was working on it and forgot to mention this wonderful, wonderful item:

p. 420 – Cthulhu Gloves:

It sorta looks like random pieces of leftover bits of fabric sewn together, doesn’t it?

Speaking of that post, my gag about the Revoltech Danboard Action Figure was kinda lost…I was trying to imply that the figure looked unfinished, like they didn’t bother sculpting the arms, torso, and legs, and just put a finished head on a clunky, unfinished body. Sorry, guess I wasn’t clear…don’t post when you’re sleepy, kids!

And some of you folks seem really excited about this. So what do I know?

In other news:

  • That Albedo #2 that we had up for auction, which I mentioned the other day? It ended Friday afternoon at $565.00! Holy crow. If only I had another couple dozen in the back room…I’d be set.
  • I added the link to my original post on the subject, but in case you missed it: Dwayne goes through the first couple issues of the Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters mini-series and examines some blatant photocopying. And believe me, there’re more examples than just the ones Dwayne points out.
  • Can we maybe stop using the term “underwear perverts” to refer to superheroes? It was kinda cute the first couple of times, but now it’s just kinda pretentious and annoying. Yes, you’re a cooler nerd than superhero fans, we get that you don’t like that Marvel and DC jointly own the word “superhero” — fine.

    This from the guy that continually uses the word “funnybook” to annoy people, I know.

  • Here’s the new short-lived cover redesign for the forthcoming quarterly Fantastic Four run by Millar and Hitch.

    Okay, that’s kinda dickish of me. But I don’t care what they say, about how much they’re working ahead, etc. etc. — I’ll believe this will come out on a monthly basis when I see it. My customers certainly don’t believe it…a lot of them read Millar and Hitch’s Ultimates, and they remember how long it took for that series to get cranked out.

    Don’t get me wrong…I like that redesign, the preview pages look great, and I think this comic will sell just fine. But if they’re going to attempt to keep a monthly schedule (less of an apparent concern for the Big Two in recent years), I expect fill-ins. Or six monthly issues, then a gap or fill-in, or something.

  • I’m getting a connect error at the moment (probably from all the people simultaneously trying to download MY exciting interview), but there’s already a new installment of the latest Bispectacult podcast. Take one Dafna, one Dave, and add a dash of Kid Chris, and there you go.

    Er, if the site’s back up by the time you read this.

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