There’s a fine line between "prank" and "murder."

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I mean, honestly, look at the size of that firecracker. They’ll be picking bits of Porky out of the landscape for ages.

And I know I’ve discussed this before, but I really don’t get the weird nudity taboos at work in the Looney Tuniverse:

Does Porky’s lower half hold any mysteries at this point? Well, okay, maybe, but keep them to yourself, fella.

Speaking of which…say, where does Bugs plan on putting that finger?

That bandage must be from where he missed the first time.

And there you go…a little funny animal anal probing humor to brighten your Sunday. No need to thank me.

Images mooched from the Grand Comic Book Database, your one-stop shop for vital info about your favorite funnybooks, and an important resource for those folks who, perhaps, may have forgotten to scan a comic or two they recently got in their stores for use on their weblogs.

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