"…A former Marvel comic book (yes, comic book) artist."

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I’ve dipped into the Comic Cavalcade #59 (Oct/Nov 1953) ads thing before, but here are a couple other ads of note from that publication:

I only wish DC had taken that “Superman’s newest animal friend” blurb literally. “Okay, I’ll take Lex Luthor…Peter Panda, it’s up to you to stop Brainiac!” “Whatever you say, Big Blue!”

And here’s another ad of sorts, featuring a listing of DC’s line-up at the time:

Dig that variety of books…lots of licensing/media tie-ins, funny animal books, adventure books and war books. And, oh yeah, a few of those quaint superhero books too…that last handful of survivors from the superhero fad’s boom and bust in the 1940s.

In other news:

  • Say, you may be starting to do some Christmas shopping just about now. (And if you’ve already finished…don’t take it personally, but I hate you.) If, perchance, you’re gonna do some shopping via the Amazon.com, please feel free to use that Amazon search box in my sidebar. Everything you buy through there, I get a tiny piece of the action…and believe you me, every bit helps.
  • Speaking of “Black Friday,” I’m curious as to how we’re going to do at the shop today. It used to be that shoppers would hit the malls and department stores first, then work their way out to the small mom ‘n’ pop shops later in the afternoon. However, the last couple of Thanksgiving weekends, the initial rush seemed to stay at the malls and department stores all day, leaving their small store shopping ’til later in December. Even our special sales and promotions on Black Friday didn’t seem to pull folks in. ‘Course, that may be just our particular situation…we’re not exactly located in the middle of a high-traffic major commercial center, after all.

    Ah, well…such is the way of small business. We do have more gift-y type shops immediately surrounding us now that we didn’t have before, so hopefully the Christmas crowds will have more reason to make it out in our direction.

  • “[Atlanta] Hawks undergo extreme uniform makeover”

    “One of the individuals responsible for the design is Matty Ryan, a former Marvel comic book (yes, comic book) artist. ‘Red and blue is a very strong color scheme,’ Ryan says. ‘A lot of comic book characters are red and blue — Spider-Man, Superman. They’re two of your primary colors, and they’re also very strong colors. Red is associated with fire and intensity, and blue has a calming effect, so they play off each other.'”

  • Bispectacult has finally uploaded a new comics podcast for your enjoyment. Our former employee Kid Chris appears to have found gainful employment, and thus was unavailable to accompany Dafna in this installment, but new guy Dave makes a capable replacement. Why, I’ve forgotten about Kid Chris already.

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