"Stupid things happen t’stupid people!!"

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Okay, usually I just let the crazy panels stand on their own, but you folks demanded some context, and context you shall get! So, here we go, straight from Li’L Abner #95 (Sept. 1954):

Li’l Abner’s favorite newspaper comic strip detective, the redoubtable Fearless Fosdick, discovers that a can of a popular brand of beans has been poisoned:

Fosdick has his own, unique, take on the problem:

And he quickly begins his citywide reign of protection:

‘Course, mistakes are made:

Eventually, to curtail Fosdick’s protective efforts, the police chief arranges to have Fosdick’s gun stolen. Undeterred, Fosdick finds alternative means of protecting the public:

…the result of which, you can now see, was presented in those panels I posted yesterday morning.

Anyway, eventually, Fosdick accidentally “protects” a fellow law enforcer, and finds himself arrested and facing capital punishment (“This was the fastest trial in the history of the state!! – Twenty-five minutes after Fosdick was captured, he was sentenced to death!!” shouts a newscaster). He receives beans for his last meal, and of course:

But don’t worry…everything will be back to normal for the next strip:

Li’l Abner, who’d been breathlessly following Fosdick throughout this adventure, is relieved:

Also, during the course of this story, Daisy Mae dropped this bit of wisdom:

Oh, not nearly enough, Daisy Mae…not nearly enough.

In other news:

  • Be sure to refresh your browser to see the swell Thanksgiving logo banner donated by one of this site’s readers. Appetizing, no? (EDIT: I just left the banner up for the day, but you can still see it here.)
  • Via Laura is this homebrewed Dr. Who comic strip The Ten Doctors, already at 60-something pages. I’m not a big fanfic guy, usually…however, I’m a few pages into this strip and it’s managed to keep my attention so far. The light cartoony style and the caricatures of the various Doctors are quite appealing.
  • A trio of stories I just Googled up, here: rumored bonus material for the eventual Watchmen movie DVD; a Variety article on screenwriters doing comic book work during the strike (seeing “comicbook” as one word annoys me…am I alone in this?); and an interview with Steve Purcell about his comic book characters/video game stars Sam and Max, Freelance Police. I love that little rabbity-thing Sam…I mean, Max.
  • I hope everyone out there has a happy Thanksgiving, where applicable. Everyone else…have a nice Thursday, regardless.

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