Mike’s New Comics Day Lunchtime Update 3006.

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1. Okay, I’ll explain the context of those panels from this morning.


2. That World War III trade paperback seems awfully flimsy for $17.99. I’ve had grocery lists thicker than this. And while I’m sure DC has economic reasons for that price point, I’ve already had people griping that “it’s reprinting four $2.50 comics…they’re charging us eight bucks for a cover.” Plus, the comic already has a bad rep among the fans, so it’s a hard sell to begin with.

EDIT: Occurred to me on the drive home that the book also includes one of the 52 issues…so it’s $12.50 worth of comics in your $17.99 book, which is slightly better. However, the book’s so painfully thin it still looks like you’re getting rooked.

3. So our discussion this morning about Captain America: The Chosen had us wondering if it’s “in continuity” or on one of Marvel’s apparently vast numbers of parallel Earths. That somehow brought us to wondering about what Marvel’s Earth 911 would be like, and at that point we went into directions better left unsaid.

4. I haven’t had a chance to look in the new issue of Wizard yet, but judging from the employees’ derisive laughter and mockery, it sounds like yet another stellar achievement in comics journalism.

5. Best news of the day: the next hardcover edition of Marvel Zombies will feature a cover based on this issue.

6. Today’s special guest appearance at the shop: pal Ian. I sold him Composite Superman comics and Mad Magazines. He left happy. My job here is done.

7. Boy, my Lunchtime Updates seem to be getting later and later each time. They’re turning into Supper Updates.

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