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Someone allegedly quotes me (at the end of the article) (EDIT: link removed) in which I supposedly claimed it wasn’t worth my time to order Will Eisner’s The Plot for the two or three copies we might sell.

Seeing as how our shop regularly orders and stocks some items in quantities of one by creators not nearly as well known as Mr. Eisner, I have a hard time picturing myself saying such a thing. In fact, I’m reasonably certain I didn’t…particularly since we have carried The Plot. And if we don’t have it on the shelf at this very second, it’s only one reorder from Diamond away.

So, I left a comment there and am now awaiting an explanation.

EDIT: The blog entry in question has been made private, and I’ve received no reply, so I’m guessing no explanation is forthcoming. Wait, let me try to build up some surprise.

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