Mike’s New Comics Day Lunchtime Update 3005.

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OVERHEARD AT THE SHOP: Which of these three statements, actually overheard at our store, was said by former employee and man-about-town, the world famous Kid Chris?

  • “If Lost Girls was done by someone who could draw, they’d be arrested.”
  • “Jack Kirby was the Rob Liefeld of the ’70s.”
  • Smallville? That show’s for girls!”

Answer in the comments section for this post later today. Or tomorrow. Whenever.

As I Twitted this morning (and as Carla from our retail neighbors up north also Twitted), we were shorted on our orders for the long-awaited League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier hardcover. We received some copies, but not nearly enough to cover the customer pulls. We were shorted many, many things this week, but we can live with most of those shortages. But this book…feh. Very annoying.

Well, I pulled a copy aside for pal Dorian. Maybe I can crack open his copy and read it. I’m sure he’ll never notice.

Ladies and gentlemen…a tribute to nearly forgotten Superman cast member Steve Lombard.

And yes, my statement from a couple days ago, that Lombard has been missing from the Superman books for twenty years wasn’t entirely correct. I keep forgetting that he’s in Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s All Star Superman. And, speaking of which, Lombard fans, he’s in the newest issue of that book, out today.

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