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So Chris Sims of the Invincible Super-Blog has discovered that this gentleman has been, ahem, borrowing his content (and other folks’ content, too, but mostly his) and reposting it. Sims has the gory details, including the extremes to which this blogger has gone to in order to pirate someone else’s work.

By the way, if you’re gonna look, look quick, since thieves, like cockroaches, tend to scatter when the light is turned upon them.

Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal too much with this sort of thing. There are the spam-blogs, of course, which skim content from sites for text to use to attract search engine results (or whatever…I’m not entirely sure how that works). Those blogs seem to like my “End of Civilization” posts. And there was that one guy on LiveJournal who liked copying other people’s work word-for-word without attribution (resulting in this note from me). And then there are the chumps on Myspace who try to hotlink my images for their backgrounds, which isn’t exactly the same thing, but that still cheeses my cracker something fierce.

Anyway, once again, take a gander at Sims’ examination of one of the most blatant examples of plagiarism I’ve seen. Unbelievable.

Sent to me by reader Rob H. is this link to a Swamp Thing custom action figure done in the animated Justice League Unlimited style.

Reminds me a bit of how Swamp Thing was allegedly going to be part of the fourth wave of Super Powers action figures (though a later discovery of in-house Kenner material has since debunked that).

Now I’m picturing how Swamp Thing would have looked like in the Jack Kirby style, and that way lies madness.

A commenter revealed that he was able to find on the eBay that “How to Get Along with Girls” book featured in the advertisement I posted yesterday.

I’m assuming it’s this listing, offering multiple copies of a reprint edition for sale. It says “Newly Updated,” so I don’t know if they’re just referring to its reprint statue, or if there are new chapters on “restraining orders” and “mace.”

So anyway, if any of you out there need to learn how to get along with girls…well, there you go. In fact, let me offer some of you guys my own advice:

1. Be kind.

2. Be attentive.

3. Her eyes are up there, mister.

4. The resolution to every argument is you saying “I’m sorry I was wrong, honey,” and the sooner you accept that, the happier you’ll be.

5. Wash occasionally. Use soap.

And there you have it. No need to thank me.


That guy didn’t learn How to Get Along with Girls.

I’ll be putting up scans of this full story over the weekend. Because, really, it’s a pre-Code tour de force of axe murders and arson. Just in time for Christmas!

I’ll soon be resuming the cycling of the contributed logo banners in short order — I’ve been waiting for Blogger’s publishing problems to be resolved before starting it up again. While you wait, though…feel free to send your own in!

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