Behold, ‘bots, and bins.

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A brief mention of this vision on the site, and one of you, the faithful Progressive Ruin readers, comes through with this little bit of beautiful nightmare fuel. Drink it in, let it haunt not only your dreams, but your idle waking moments, when you’re sitting at your desk at about 3:20 this afternoon, tapping your pencil on your keyboard, wondering if anything good is going to be on TV tonight, when suddenly, without warning, this image pops into your mind’s eye:

Enjoy, won’t you?

Image courtesy of reader John L., who has also been providing a boatload of swell logo banners for this site. And you can provide one, or a dozen, too, if you’d like…details here.

Now this is interesting:

Okay, clicking on for now will just forward you to the official Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fan site Satellite News, where you can read more details on this new project, but I’ll sum up briefly here.

Mystery Science Theatre is being relaunched as a new online project, with new animated shorts starring the ‘bots Crow, Servo, and Gypsy. Two folks from the original show are involved…Jim Mallon (president of MST3K’s parent company Best Brains, and returning voice of Gypsy) and Paul Chaplin (occasional onscreen performer on the original show, and the new voice of Crow). No word on Servo’s voice, but I’m guessing that’ll be handled by one of the “new talents” involved in the project…but whoever it is, he (or she?) is gonna have the unenviable task of following Kevin Murphy’s robust performance as the character.

Of most interest to the longtime fans (like, say, myself) is the promise of behind-the-scenes footage and “from the vault” type material from the original show, as well as “all-new merchandise.”

I suppose the relative success of the MST3K-like spin-off projects by former cast members Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and the aforementioned Murphy (Rifftrax and The Film Crew) was a major factor in this MST3K relaunch. I don’t know (and the fan site doesn’t indicate) whether or not we’ll be getting more “wisecracking robots in movie theatres” action, or just the wacky adventures of the ‘bots sans film mockery. But, the ‘bots themselves are appealing characters, non-working arms and all, in their own right, outside of the riffing context, so I’m willing to give this new effort a shot, even with most of the original creative staff having moved on. This is a bit more of a change than the “Crow’s got a new voice?” thing from the Sci Fi Channel years, but the promise of new material under the MST3K banner has got my attention.

This has been e-mailed to me several times over the last few days, so I guess I’d better post it here: photos of a scale model of Uncle Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, with comic-accurate floor plans (including the Worry Room!). It’s really an amazing piece of work, and I’m surprised Disney hasn’t yet put out some kind of high-end porcelain statue along the lines of this model.

And I know the link’s been popping up all over the place lately…but didn’t it make the rounds a year or two ago? I can swear I’ve seen this before.

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