The comic supplies of the beast.

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Restocking the comic supply shelves on Friday, I discovered the case of comic book bags…from Hell:

Yes, that’s right, it’s Carton #666. BEWARE THE BAGS OF BEELZEBUB.

Then again, it’s just as well…I do have some appropriate comics around here that need some bagging:

Okay, maybe that Hot Stuff won’t fit into a current-sized bag, but these are demonic comic bags. Perhaps one of their hellborn powers is to fit any comic, thus luring in the unsuspecting collector, who uses more and more of these bags…until he loses his soul and finds himself sealed in a flaming CGC case…for all eternity!

And perhaps they have other mysterious and nefarious powers as well. Maybe if I bag up back issues of Brigade, those’ll finally start selli…nah, even the Devil has standards.

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