Mike’s New Comics Day Lunchtime Update 3003.

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1. Good Lord, 23 boxes from Diamond this morning? And none of them “cheater” boxes (like the entire Diamond box for just, say, the Comic Shop News flyers). Oy. We’d better sell some comics this week.

2. Dear customer: please try to let your scent of marijuana dissipate slightly before coming to our store. I don’t need the contact high. Thank you.

3. Right at opening time, a huge U-Haul truck parked right in front of our store, blocking all visibility of our shop from the street. It didn’t stay long, and bonus: when it pulled away it broke off that long low-hanging branch from the tree out front.

4. Is anyone buying that Gene Simmons’ Dominatrix comic? Our customers just kinda point and laugh at it.

5. BUYER’S NOTE: There’s a page of Fred Hembeck in the new What If: Planet Hulk comic.

6. FIRE FOLLOW-UP: The skies are sunny locally, but the air is still ashy…we’re keeping the doors closed for the time being. Employee Aaron notes that the evacuation notice out where he lives (Fillmore) has been canceled, though as of last night he can still see flames over the hills near his house.

7. CUSTOMER: “Do you have this comic? I’ve been looking for this comic forever, and I’ve asked you for this comic before, but you guys never have it. Do you have it? Have you even heard of it? I really want this comic.”

ME: “Oh, you mean –” (whips comic out of back issue bin) “– this comic?”

CUSTOMER: “Yes! That’s it! That’s the one I’ve been looking for!”

ME: “Okay…should I keep it at the register for you?”

CUSTOMER: “Oh, no, I’m not going to buy it today.”

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