"Mickey is a fighter…not a coward clown."

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Here’s something we’ve had at the shop for a while…a copy of the Dell Giant Silly Symphonies #6 (1956), with what appears to be some kind of thesis proposal or essay notes or something written on the cover.

Here’s a closer look at the writing:

It reads as follows:

“The humor of Mickey Mouse is in his ‘out-of-place’ bravery and his fighting which is ‘out-of-place’ since he is so small in comparison to his rival that he is ‘unfit’ for the task he is chosen to do. Mickey is a fighter [illegible] not a coward clown.”

Here’s the illegible word…at least, I can’t make it out. Maybe someone out there will have better luck:

The ironic part about this? Dell Giants have puzzle or coloring pages that are, more often than not, found today with pencil or crayon markings. The puzzle pages in this particular book are clean.

EDIT: General consensus in the comments section is that the word I couldn’t read is also “clown.” I thought maybe that’s what it was at first, since it seems to fit, but wasn’t sure…though the more I look at that scan, the more it looks like it could be a very sloppily written “clown.”

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