Old friends and miscellaneous Marvel stuff.

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  • Well, well, well…look who’s come crawling back to the comicsweblogosphere. Mr. Fancy-Pants College Graduate, what with his monocle and his shiny shoes, that’s who.

    Ah, just yankin’ his chain a bit. Everyone go say hi to pal Ian and encourage him in his back-to-blogging endeavors.

  • I noted this in my little Twitter doodad yesterday, but one of Marvel’s licensed property books, Anita Blake, is getting its own Marvel Zombie variant cover. I figured all of the Marvel Universe books were due for a zombie variant, but I guess the non-Marvel U. titles are fair game as well. So, look for your Marvel Illustrated: Man in the Iron Mask zombie variant cover, coming soon! It’s what Alexander Dumas would have wanted.

    Good thing Marvel doesn’t do their Star Comics line anymore. Or, maybe, “too bad” — picture a Top Dog zombie variant, with Top Zombie gnawing at Joey’s skull, trying to get to the delicious, delicious brains within. How would that not be great?

  • In other Marvel news, temporary replacement for Captain America gets equally temporary new costume, which I’m guessing will be given to some “opposite number/evil twin”-type villain when Steve Rogers comes back, assuming that costume is kept around at all.

    Anyway, as shiny and obnoxious as that new costume is, it’s still better than this one:

  • From this week’s Punisher #51…Punisher’s got Popeye arms:


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