In which Mike tries to get you to do something for him for free, and then asks you to buy stuff through his Amazon links to boot, the big jerk.

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I’ve been trying to come up with a new title banner for the site, there…not that I don’t love the Nancy and Sluggo, but I try to cycle through the banners every once in a while since…well, I don’t actually own those characters an’ all. Anyway, I’ve discussed this before, so click that link if you want to read me going on and on about it.

However, 1) I never seem to make the time to cook up a new banner for myself, and 2) I haven’t had any really good ideas for one, anyway. So, if any of you enterprising folks out there have a few spare minutes, a working graphics program, and a desire to lend a hand to a complete stranger on the internet simply because he asked, then please, feel free to slap together a banner, 825 by 100 pixels, that incorporates the title “mike sterling’s progressive ruin” (all lower-case) in the monospaced Courier font, and send it to mikester (at) progressiveruin dot com.

And, since someone’s going to ask: no, you don’t have to use Nancy and Sluggo (in fact, um, you probably shouldn’t, since I’ve been using them there for the last few months), and no, you don’t have to use Swamp Thing…but I certainly wouldn’t mind it.

This is a tad presumptuous of me, I realize, but hey, you never know…someone out there might be itching to provide me with a swell banner, and now is that person’s chance! It’s not a contest or anything…there’s no deadline, no Grand Prize (though I’ll see if I can’t send something to contributors), but if I use your logo, at the very least you’ll get a prominent “LOGO BANNER BY ________” link somewhere on my page, if you’d like.

I reserve the right to not use banners for any reason (sorry, Sims, that means no Tarot logo), and please don’t get mad at me if I don’t use your banner. Nothing personal. I still like you. We can, you know, still be friends, we’ll just be seeing other people, that’s all. It’s not you, it’s me.

There’s also so guarantee of how long I’ll use your banner. Maybe, eventually, if I get enough different banners, I can have them randomly come up whenever you load my page! That’ll make three different things that randomly load on my site with each visit! That won’t drive anyone crazy at all!

In other news:

  • Blake Bell recently posted an MP3 of Gary Groth’s 1992 interview with Todd McFarlane for the Comics Journal. Really, if you haven’t read the interview (and it’s a doozy…I remember thinking at the time “this is one of the most powerful people in the comics industry?”), do yourself a favor, set aside an hour, and give this a listen. You’ll be hornswoggled.

    Don’t listen at work, though, as Mr. McFarlane has quite the salty tongue.

  • Chris Karath presents more photos of recent action figure acquisitions, including the Marvel Zombies Spidey and Cap, as well as the Justice Armored Green Lantern.
  • MAN-THING VERSUS BEAR. Sounds dirtier than it is.
  • A Terry and the Pirates comic from the 1940s predicts Stan Lee’s future.
  • Hey, Fengi has a point…if Funky Winkerbean is jumping ten years ahead following the death of Lisa storyline (which takes place in present day)…that means the comic will now be taking place in the far-flung FUTURE! Flying cars, robot maids, Martians, the works! Okay, maybe not, but it still seems a little weird.

    Also, you should click that first link to enjoy Fengi’s own Lovecraftian vision of the strip’s future.

  • Bitterandrew presents a rather extreme punishment, Archie-Comics-horror-style. Sure, the guy was a jerk, but c’mon.
  • You should always be reading The Horror Blog, but you especially should be reading it during Halloween Month.
  • H at the Comic Treadmill has finishing his indexing of his Brave and the Bold collection, and is marking the occasion with lists of his favorite and least favorite stories and covers, noting which characters were best served and most poorly served by the series, and several other categories. Fun reading!
  • Hey, if you’re a Mystery Science Theatre fan, like I know I am, then you’ll want to know that the latest Film Crew DVD, The Giant of Pantheon, is out today.


    Also, I’ve put another classic film in my sidebar for your shopping convenience.

    And I don’t get one red cent for this, but starting at some point today, the same MST3K vets who produce the Film Crew DVDs will be offering their “Rifftrax” commentary track for the first Spider-Man movie. Only $3.99…slap the file onto your MP3 player, throw the DVD into your player, and let the comedy begin.

  • Comics blogging mainstay Laura has been having some serious vehicular issues lately, and if you’d like to help out, please consider making a donation via Amazon or PayPal.

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