"Love the fudgy icing!!!!"

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Reaction to flying through air in elevator – bored disinterest:

Reaction to Hostess® Cup Cakes – Excitement!!! and lots!!! of exclamation!!! points:

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A follow-up to my post about the Daily Planet item: all of the photos have been identified. I was right about Jenette Kahn and Karen Berger, and the rest have been I.D.ed in the comments section. The Planet’s editor…not Perry White, but Mark Waid his own self…popped up to identify a couple, which was very nice of him.

And my statement about not knowing where Funky Flashman has appeared recently…Steve reminds me that Funky popped up in the acclaimed Dr. 13: Architecture and Mortality story, which I’m embarrassed I forgot. And there was a cameo by Funky in Paul Di Filippo and Jerry Ordway’s entertaining Top Ten sequel.

In another comment to that post was a mention of Gerard Jones’ fanboy parody “Sidney Mellon,” as the Mellon character had a column in the Daily Planet paper.

We had Gerard Jones at the store many years ago for a signing, and I had him autograph three comics for me…Green Lantern: Mosaic #1 (still one of my favorite series), Tommy and the Monsters #1, and the Sidney Mellon-scripted Thunderskull! — Mellon’s constantly forthcoming “graphic masterpiece” that he’d continually discuss in his various fan commentaries in the ‘zines of the time. Until it was actually published, that is, at which point he would continually encourage everyone to go out and buy it.

Here’s the signature on my copy:

In case you can’t make it out, it says next to his signature “coauthor of the introduction.” And the comic is just as overblown and fanboyish and “Mary Sue”-ish and absolutely fantastic as you’d imagine.

That is, if you can imagine, if you were lucky enough to have encountered Sidney in his prime. If not, go seek out some of his columns in late ’80s Amazing Heroes…big laffs, guaranteed. That people got so worked up over him at the time seems stunning to me…he was clearly a parody, and that he raked Gerard Jones over the coals in numerous columns was a big clue that Jones was somehow involved. But, as “Suedenim” mentions in my comments, he gained the ire of a few folks…I’m realize some of them were just playing along, but I suspect more than a few weren’t.

I wish Sidney Mellon would come back. He’d fit right in with online fandom, I think.

A couple links for you:

A link recently sent to me: giraffes in art history…site is in German, but giraffe art surely transcends the barrier of language. Unless you know German, in which case you’re all set.

Dara Naraghi of Ferret Press has a new graphic novel coming out called Lifelike. It’s a collection of 11 short “slice of life” stories, all written by Naraghi and illustrated by artists of many lands. A generously sizable preview may be seen at the official site.

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