I love the sarcasm of "Admiral’s Watch."

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1. I plan on addressing, soonish, a few of the topics brought up in your responses to my deliberately vague question of…well, here, lemme cut ‘n’ paste:

“…Regarding comics…what’s on your mind? What are you worried/excited/disgusted/terrified/happy/crazy about in the funnybook world?”

So go ahead…have your say.

2. Finally got around to seeing the movie adaptation of 300…I thought it was okay, for what it was. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a corny, over-the-top bloody violence-fest, and there it was. The knowledge that the Mystery Science Theatre guys created a Rifftrax commentary for it had me imagining, as I was watching the film, what Mike, Crow & Servo Bill & Kevin would be saying about certain scenes, which probably undermined the gravitas of the proceedings a tad.

I think I would have liked it better had the whole thing been animated, like its credits. (Though, to be honest, it pretty much was animated, wasn’t it?)

3. Hey, stop wasting your time reading about comics and movies, when you can be learning something useful instead. Like, oh, say, Navy slang:

from Don Winslow of the Navy #26 (1945)

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