Mike’s exciting day.

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So I noticed a couple books as I was plowing through Diamond Previews for the latest End of Civilization that I wanted to mention outside of the “Oh, God, can you believe this?” context of that post.

First was a new Ms. Tree novel from publisher Hard Case Crime, a publisher that specializes in new novels done in the vintage crime paperback style, as well as reissues of classic crime books. Johanna covered this new book before I got a chance to do so, but I just wanted to note that, as a Ms. Tree fan, I’m looking forward to reading this. (You can read a sample chapter, and get a better look at the cover, here.)

The other book I wanted to point out was that the latest in George R. R. Martin‘s long-running Wild Cards series is being solicited: Inside Straight, a sample of which you can take a gander at right here. Since the last, rather obscure, entry in the series has seemingly wrapped up most of the dangling plotlines from the previous dozen ‘n’ a half books, this new book is apparently being positioned as a jumping-on point, pushing ahead several years and with a new cast of characters. I’m not sure how much of a jumping-on point it really is…at this point, it’s like trying to find a clean jumping-on point for Uncanny X-Men, I’d imagine, but as a fan of the series since Book 1, and thus well-versed in the shenanigans inherent in the saga, I can’t wait to read it.

Say it with me: “We’re all fanboys about something.”

At the store yesterday: finally fixed the problem with the register that prevented customer receipts from printing properly (ink roll was sitting too low, fixed with a pair of pliers and some bending), created a new display for our trading card accessories (two 5000 count card boxes, stacked and arranged perpendicular to each other, holding all our snap ‘n’ slide plastic card boxes, penny sleeves, top loaders, etc.), resorted our Punisher comics (I now have “Minis/One-Shots” sections for Punisher [MAX], Punisher [Marvel Knights], and Punisher [Plain Ol’ Marvel Universe]), sent our order adjustments to Diamond on the forthcoming Marvel ‘n’ DC books (ordered more Green Arrow: Year One, and, oh, c’mon, another Marvel zombie variant?), had to tell a guy his bag of water-damaged, brittle and crumbling ’70s comics weren’t worth a darn thing, had to tell the same guy that, no, he didn’t have a Spider-Man comic from the 1930s, had to tell someone else the old “no, I don’t know which comic will be sure to become a valuable collectors’ item” thing (haven’t had that in a while), and listened to Employee Aaron receive regular reports from home on the status of his pregnant dog’s litter delivery (result: three puppies).

Not at the store yesterday: lots of customers. Happens once in a while, but slow days are a real drag. Luckily, there’s always something to do (aside from my exciting activities, above), so the day wasn’t a total wash.

This isn’t my most exciting post ever, by any means. (That’d be this post.) Kinda wiped out after the rest of the week. I mean, just look at all that content!

So, tell me, regarding comics…what’s on your mind? What are you worried/excited/disgusted/terrified/happy/crazy about in the funnybook world?

Feel free to let me know, internet pals!

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