Mike’s New Comics Day Lunchtime Update 3000.

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  • As we’re breaking down the new comic order this morning:

    Employee Jeff (taking the Tarots out of the box): “Hey, Mike, why does Chris Sims read this? Is it just to make fun of it?”

    Me: “Yeah, pretty much.”

    Employee Aaron: “Same with the Anita Blake comics…and he still got a quote onto that collection!”

    Employee Jeff: “Did you ever get any quotes onto collections, Mike?”

    Me: “I got onto the back cover of Proof of Concept….”

    Employee Jeff: “How about Dorian?”

    Me: “He got a quote on Banana Sunday, and he made it into a Previews ad for Dorothy, I think. Oh, and I got a mention in that one Previews ad.”

    Employee Aaron: “That’s it?”

    Me: “Yeah…I’m no reviewer, but I’ve said plenty of good things about lots of comics. Where are my pull quotes?”

    Employee Jeff: “What you need to do is pick a comic nobody likes, and say lots of good things about it, so they have to come to you for quotes.”

    Me: “Then where are my pull quotes on All Star Batman and Robin?”

  • Speaking of All Star Batman…I had a customer talk to me about a store he was at not long ago, where the owner apparently hates All Star Batman. And, apparently, ASB didn’t sell well for them.

    We love ASB, and it sells great for us. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

  • Apparently Diamond was having some problems this week with shipments…we were shorted our full order of whatever the latest Annihilation tie-in was supposed to be (and got that same number we were shorted in extra copies of Justice League). When I called it in, the rep let on that there were shortages of all kinds all over the place…and apparently I was lucky I was only missing the one book.

    Also, and some of you folks what sell the funnybooks may want to take note of this, about half of our copies of the latest issue of Superman Confidential had torn covers, and some were even missing chunks out of the cover. Maybe we just got a bad batch, but you may want to take a closer look at your copies.

  • So am I missing something, or does that new Marvel Universe release with the big ol’ Marvel Zombies logo on the front cover only actually have three pages of Marvel Zombies content?
  • After a brief discussion of Watership Down (where I had to explain why I referred to Employee Aaron as “Fiver”):

    Employee Aaron: “Wow, Mike, you’ve inspired me to read Watership Down! You’re contributing to my…liter…ocity?”

    Me: (lowers head, shakes it in shame)

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