This is the first time I’ve mentioned "Rambo" on my site.

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So pal Sean finally convinced me to go check out Cartoon Dump, a parody of a kid’s cartoon show as if produced by a studio with absolutely no social responsibility whatsoever. (So, as if it were produced by a studio, har har.) Brought to us by cartoon expert Jerry Beck and Mystery Science Theatre 3000‘s former TV’s Frank, Frank Conniff, Cartoon Dump presents hilariously awful animated shorts for our amusement and/or terror. Apparently there’s a live stage show version of this put on monthly…that’s gotta be a hoot. Reminds me a bit of the old Pee Wee Herman stage show where he did similar routines.

Episode #1 is available at the link above, which also features several behind the scenes cast shots (and the lovely young lady dressed as “Buf Badger” pictured there that’s given me an all new appreciation of furries). Episodes one and two are available here, along with several other animated shorts.

Purchased very, very few comic books this week. The Lobster Johnson comic, by Mike Mignola and Jason Armstrong is appropriately pulpy and action-packed, but doesn’t it feel weird that this character is a Hellboy spinoff? I know he was there from the beginning, but it’s been so long since Lobster Johnson has appeared, and Hellboy has been, more or less, a constant presence on the stands and cutting its own path, that being reminded that there’s essentially a costumed superhero in the Hellboy milieu feels a bit odd.

Yeah, I know, the Hellboy universe regularly features witches and fishmen and humanoid frogs and spirit-animated robots and big ol’ tentacled Lovecraftian critters and werewolves and so on, but I’m apparently drawing the line at “superhero.” Yeah, well, what can I tell you? I’ll get over it.

Brought up in a discussion with Captain Corey at the store on Thursday:

Crossover we want to see? Well, we were discussing the possibility of Sylvester Stallone someday doing a Rocky versus Rambo movie, with him playing both roles of course, but the general consensus was that Rocky was probably outmatched by the newly over-the-top splatterpunk Rambo (as seen in this probably not safe for work trailer).Yeah, I know some of you may have a differing opinion on this, but just go with me here, okay?

So who did we decide could pose a sufficient challenge to Mr. Rambo for a big budget crossover movie?

John Rambo versus Terminator.

C’mon, how cool would that be? It’d be the stupidest, most violent, and most absolutely fantastic movie ever. Especially since, in our fantasy film, at some point Rambo would have to be fitted with cybernetic parts to be more of an even match with the ruthless Terminator robots. Yes, Cyborg Rambo. Just ponder that for a moment.

Per Corey’s brother Chad: “Our historical records were incomplete, and we were wrong. It’s not John Conner who leads the humans to victory…it’s John Rambo!”

Granted, that’s a heck of a mistake to make, but, really, that’s all the set-up you need for the film that’s bound to be the 2010 Academy Awards’ Best Picture.

If you say you wouldn’t want to see this film…YOU’RE LYING.

Yes, I realize I probably should be on some form of medication. Hey, at least I’m not still going on about the eBay.

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