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  • Finally, we had some Minimates come in this week that sold…the Marvel Zombies Minimates flew out the door. Usually these minifigs are slow movers, so it came as quite the surprise.

    I expect this twofer coming from the DC Minimates line to do well, too:

  • A few weeks ago was one of the heaviest ship weeks we’d ever had, when it came to Marvel and DC books. Thirty-something Marvels, and not quite as many but still too many DCs, on top of everything else we got in that week…it was so much stuff, I was surprised that Marvel ‘n’ DC still had anything else aside from the books that week to put out for the rest of the month.

    And, as it turned out, the last couple of weeks have been relatively light, with this week featuring only about a dozen DCs and even fewer new Marvels.

    I’m dreading another monster week any time now.

  • Why does BeaucoupKevin hate the comics internet?

    Oh, right…FOR GOOD REASON.

  • There’s a legal brouhaha going on over ownership of the Valiant properties, so Diamond passed on distributing the Harbinger hardcover, which had been due for release this week.

    So the publisher went directly to the retailers and said, “hey, buy the book directly from us!” And they took the PayPal, and I had some money in the PayPal account, so, lo, I did order some Harbinger hardcovers because I had a number of customers looking forward to this and who am I to disappoint them?

    Hopefully the problems will be worked out, and this book sells well, and it’ll lead into more reissues of classic Valiant material. Wouldn’t a hardcover of Barry Windsor-Smith’s Archer & Armstrong be a nice item to have around? I also wouldn’t say no to a reprinting of X-O Manowar, which was a favorite of mine.

  • Customer Jed (looking through the last Omega Flight: “Hey, here’s a picture of Sasquatch crying.”

    Me: “Oh, it’s Sadsquatch!”

    I probably shouldn’t talk to the customers, sometimes.

  • Oh, now this is just in poor taste:

    “Which DC hero would have been best to get the coal miners out?”

    Yes, someone brings up Cave Carson. But, mostly, people just kinda go “oh man,” as they should.

    In response to the complaints that this is too soon, too soon, a couple folks start discussing what superheroes could have done during the Katrina disaster.

    I’m not pulling direct quotes from any of this. Go look yourself.

  • Speaking of poor taste, we ordered a copy of the Girls & Corpses magazine for the shop. Now, personally, I’d just read it for the articles, but for those of you so inclined, it does indeed contain plenty of photos of, um, girls with, er, corpses. Not real corpses, mind you — that’d be weird — but dummy, mocked-up zombie movie-type bodies.

    And, believe it or not, there’s a Girls ‘n’ Corpses on Trampolines pictorial. I’m not sure what to think about that. I’m not sure I should be thinking about it.

    There’s a website that’s Not Safe for Work or Anywhere Else, for That Matter. And yes, I realize it’s supposed to be funny. But, man, try explaining this to someone not in on the joke.

  • How did we sell out of Green Lantern Corps #15 so quickly? And it’s already going to a second printing, apparently. I’ve really been enjoying this “Sinestro Corps” storyline, so it’s nice to see it’s doing well.
  • YOU: Want to see lots of pictures of homemade Batman car conversions.

    BATFATTY: Meets your need.

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