"Superman health food."

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Apparently, on Monday, when I was out of the shop, we had a customer who, excited as he was by our extensive stock and our low, low prices and our helpful and usually sober staff, was moved to exclaim “This store has got it goin’ on!”

So there you have it. We’ve got it goin’ on, and you other, lesser, stores do not. Take that, you.

Children react with open animal panic to “Superman’s Hall of Trophies” – Clark, Lois and Jimmy are unmoved by the youngsters’ fear:

from Amazing World of Superman, Metropolis Edition (1973),
reprinted from 1955

Pal Nat notes the passing of Disney Adventures, the long-running and widely-read comics (et al) digest and the lack of discussion of said passing in the comicsweblogosphere.

I saw it every time I was at the grocery store…between losing this and the Weekly World News, there are now two big holes left up there by the register. I doubt that space is going to be used by other comics publications (or, in the case of WWN, publications run by guys from the comics world).

Speaking of Nat, he and his little pal Licensable Bear™ have unleashed another informative video…watch and learn, friends:

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